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If you would have told me three years ago that the two people closest to me would hardly be in my life anymore, I never would have believed you.

how things changed

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen a group of people so happy to be third place. I’m so proud of these loser though. They finally brought a banner home! Being at the award ceremony was probably the highlight of my weekend. Just being there, I could feel everything the members were probably feeling. I felt the pain every time I didn’t hear Riverdale being called up for finalist. I still feel the same way I’ve always felt every time Monroe would win something. I cheered so damn hard when I heard Parkview got third place for music, leaving Riverdale with first. And when it finally came down to the award for outstanding chapter, I felt everything. I felt like there was no chance at top three because Parkview, Monroe, Collins Hill, and Lowndes all seemed ahead. But I had this little hope inside that Riverdale would somehow land in the top three. As they announced the award, the whole chapter cheered every single time they didn’t hear Riverdale being called. Once they got to fourth place, I don’t remember what school was called but all I know was it wasn’t Riverdale, the whole chapter went crazy. Everyone cheered so damn hard. You can see the looks in their eyes how happy and shocked they were. It just made me so happy to be there. This year, everyone in the chapters for the top three schools got to go on stage together. The whole chapter ran up on stage to meet Adam cheering, just going crazy. Booth was afraid Wilson was going to take his shirt off. Even though they got third, Riverdale had the biggest smiles and that look in their eyes that really touches you. Everyone was just hugging each other. Some members teared up, even some guys. haha. Riverdale already knew they got third, but they were so happy just to be up there and bring home that banner they spent so much time making. I felt like I was a member again. I really do miss being in TSA. But seriously, I’m so proud of you guys! :)